My name is Rocco Granata and I am a italian composer, music consultant, videomaker and music teacher. You can see my works here. I started writing and producing music under my real name but due to a homonymy with a famous singer from the 60s I had to find an artistic pseudonym. Rokhe is a my music project where I produce pure music and music applied to the service of images and other arts, using unconventional forms of distribution such as artistic installations. On this site you will find the list of musical productions of the “Rokhe” project and the links to the major streaming platforms.
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Soundtracks Vol.1 (2023 – EP)

Four instrumental pieces where the musical protagonist is the piano. Soundtracks Vol.1 is imagined and written to be used in artistic installations and video productions. Each piece is rhythmically and harmonically structured to accompany the different phases of a dramatic story: beginning, setting of the story, contrast between protagonist and antagonist, end. “Soundtracks Vol.1” is released under the Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND 4.0 and can be downloaded for free here.

Tracklist: 01 A New Beginning – 02 Morning Walk – 03 Rebirth – 04 Epilogue

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Man (2023 – Single)

The song is a rewrite of "A young man" from the album "Works". As the titles of the two songs suggest, this work reinterprets the musical themes and harmonic sequences of the song in a more mature way, leaving the emotional tension that arises when listening to the two songs unchanged. The musical themes were inspired by the events in Genoa during the 2001 G8 which led to the death of Carlo Giuliani.

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Breathe in the snow (2023 – Single)

The song is a rewrite of “Breathe” from the album “Works”. The central idea of ​​the song is to tell the “breath of a traveler walking in a snowy landscape”. The piece develops on two parallel musical lines. The first is of a harmonic nature and is entrusted to the medium-low notes of the piano while the second of a melodic nature is entrusted to the high notes of the piano. In the piece the two parts meet and support each other until they slowly move away in the final part. The song is also distributed through an artistic installation and can be downloaded for free via QR code and can be downloaded for free here.

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Like a swan (2022 – Single)

It is a song with synth and drum machine insertions created to support the video “PHOTOCOVER – Imaginary Music Covers” (see on YouTube). This work is a video editing which collects 45 famous artistic photos imagined by the author as music covers for as famous pieces of music. The link between photos and music is on two levels: textual and emotional. On a textual level, the subjects of the photos recall the lyrics. In the second case the atmospheres created by photographers help to amplify the emotions of the music. A game to discover and appreciate the great masters of photography, an opportunity to listen to famous songs in greater awareness. Cover art “The wave” courtesy of Enzo Crispino

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Daedalus variations (2020 – EP)

This works consisting of three variations of the song “Daedalus” published in the EP “Modern Times”. Each variation shares the same central musical theme, but each of them elaborates it through three different emotional states: passion, hope and melancholy. The first variation is dedicated to the activist Sarah Hegazy unjustly imprisoned and tortured by the Egyptian regime.

Tracklist: 01 Daedalus (Variation 1) (see on YouTube) – 02 Daedalus (Variation 2) – 03 Daedalus (Variation 3)

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Modern Times (2018 – EP)

The album is a collection of 5 songs. The tracks with vocal were built around Leo Wood’s vocal samples. “Lullaby” is a rewrite with the use of trap drum samples of the song of the same name from the 2016 album “Works”. “Daedalus” e “People Live in a Box” base their melodic progressions on the dialogue between piano and cello. The song “In My Bed” is the soundtrack of the film Malak – Mein Gesetz ist die Familie and the song “Daedalus” is the soundtrack of the short film “La notte prima” presented at 75th Venice International Film Festival.

Tracklist: 01 In My Bed ft. Leo Wood (see video on YouTube) – 02 Change Me ft. Leo Wood – 03 Daedalus – 04 Lullaby (see video on YouTube)- 05 People Live in a Box

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Works (2016 – Album)

This album is a collection of 12 instrumental tracks. Twelve melodies developing through minimalism, sacred arias, electronica and tribal choirs. Twelve small audible pictures that have no purpose other than to move the listener. “Works” is distributed for free in two ways: social and antisocial. With the social distribution you can download the entire album for free here. With the antisocial distribution, the album is handed out through an art installation. “Works” has been made into 300 numbered and signed CDs, left on the streets or in public Planes, there to picked by people passing by.

Tracklist: 01 Breathe (see video on YouTube) – 02 Lullaby (see video on YouTube) – 03 Undead – 04 Haka – 05 Harden my heart – 06 Lost memories – 07 A young man – 08 Arise – 09 Cry of love – 10 Earth – 11 Without you – 12 Lost Memories (Piano and Cello Vrs)

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Works – The art installation

My cd Works is the first CD that is both a musical project and art installation. It’s distributed for free in two ways: social and antisocial. Through the social distribuition you can ​download the entire album for free. Through the antisocial distribuition “Works” is handed out through an art installation.Works has been made into 300 numbered and signed CDs, left on the streets or in public places, there to be picked by people passing by. Every copy left is photographed and the photo is shared on this website. The CDs are distributed by me or by volunteers. See the full installation. If you want to distribute a CD, send me a message on my Instagram page.

Usa - Washington Dc - Independence Ave - Cd 044/300. Copy distributed by Eddie Matus

Belgium - Brussels - European Commission - Cd 058/300. Copy distributed by Umberto Tozzi

Brasil - Copacabana beach - Cd 061/300. Copy distributed by Francesco Messina

The installation has the aim to make people think about the real meaning of the word “​sharing​”, in a world where social networks have given a virtual vision to this word (share photos, videos, news, virtual petitions). This is why the name “​antisocial distribution”. Without the intent of demonizing Facebook, Twitter and others, the installation wants to demonstrate that you can share also in real life. Some places chosen are highly symbolic as the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels and the White House in Washington because the correct interpretation of the word "​sharing​" also passes through the centres of power. Share among all ... resources and wealth.

Urban RE Action Figure – Roma Museo MACRO

From 14 to 16 July 2017 the Cd Works and Its installation were taken to the Museo Macro in Rome on the occasion of Urban KING Action Figure. It's probably the first Cd to be exposed in a Museum of contemporary art.