Rokhe – Lullaby

Thomas Munz: piano
Lita Rodcenko: cello
Rocco Granata: bass, synth, sampling, orchestrator
Music and arrangement by Rocco Granata.
Artwork: Maria McGinley, “Autumn’s Child”.
From the album “Works” 2016 – Tracklist: 01 Breathe, 02 Lullaby, 03 Undead, 04 Haka, 05 Harden My Heart, 06 Lost Memories, 07 A Young Man, 08 Arise, 09 Cry of Love, 10 Earth, 11 Without You, 12 Lost Memories (Piano and Cello Version).

Thanks to Sheller Ghorbani and Teitak – Contemporary Art Performance based on Tehran (Iran) – for using my song “Lullaby” for their performance “Ablution” for the exhibition “Instagram and the Artist’s Studio” at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Minnesota – USA).
Performance by Sheller Ghorbani
Director & choreography by: Sheller Ghorbani
Music by: Rocco Granata aka Rokhe – Lullaby
Video by: Naser Hesami